Mechanical Lubricator Upgrade

Eliminate lubrication errors caused by manual feed rate adjustment

The Tekomar CYLUBE achieves significant savings by upgrading the original mechanical lubricators.

Performance Evaluation Software

Performance is not a matter of fortune

Optimum performance with a mouse click. Tekomar XPERT instantly rates the performance of any ship engine by comparing the actual measurement with the shop trial at any load point and tells you exactly how to save money.


Made by Engineers – why we believe in better solutions

In 2010 Beat co-founded Tekomar together with Thomas Walker.

We are committed to always delivering the best solution to you. For the benefit of your fleet, to reduce expenditure and for your personal wellbeing. As engineers, we are experts in marine diesels. And we are looking forward to sharing this knowledge with you.

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We aim at making quotations which predict the final invoice as accurate as possible. This helps customers to keep the expected budget.
Tekomar Korea Ltd
Turbocharger Cutout

Competitive slow steaming within an hour

Running a diesel engine on a low load means running it outside of the optimum range. Tekomar TURBOCUT reduces fuel consumption and improves reliability. A low-cost option that is flexible to operate.


First Tekomar XPERT order secured in LBL Brazil

ABB Ability™ Tekomar XPERT selected by V-SHIPS to optimize engine performance on board of LOG IN Resiliente container ship in Brazil.


ABB Ability ™ Tekomar XPERT to set foot to US

Matson Inc and V Ship Boston have equiped one vessel each with Tekomar XPERT engine performance diagnostics and advisory software.

All of our activities shall have an immediate impact on the equipment’s operational costs or reliability.
Tekomar Group Ltd

Further order for ABB Tekomar CYLUBE

Indian company M. Pallonji has ordered 2 Tekomar CYLUBE mechanical lubricator upgrades and Korean based CIDO ordered 7 further Tekomar CYLUBE after successfully piloting with one vessel few months back.


Advanced engine analytics for Ahrenkiel Steamship GmbH & Co. KG

Improved fleet performance monitoring on 35 vessels: Ahrenkiel Steamship GmbH & Co. KG is currently equipping the bulk of its fleet with Tekomar XPERT. Software deployment is well underway.

Performance Evaluation

Fully optimising propulsion systems

Tekomar Performance Evaluation identifies – remotely and upon request on site – issues which lead to higher fuel consumption and gives clear recommendations how to get the system optimised.