In today’s shipping markets, it is increasingly difficult to improve the bottom line. The best option: significantly lower fuel and lube oil consumption. Hansa Shipping has achieved just that by implementing Tekomar XPERT and upgrading several ships with Tekomar CYLUBE.

Mechanical Lubricator Upgrade

During the last year, Tekomar has successfully expanded the client base for its unique Tekomar XPERT software. Various major shipping companies have decided to implement the performance evaluation software in order to optimise fuel oil consumption and quantify potentials on both engine and hull & propeller.

Performance Evaluation Software

Tekomar has been awarded a 5 years performance and reliability contract for 2 vessels equipped with the Sulzer RT-flex58T main engine and with MAN auxiliary diesel engines. The contract includes technical support, trouble shooting, and maintenance of the main engine as well as the auxiliary engines.

Service Solutions

Tekomar was recently entrusted with a development project for the design of a valve testbed for a local manufacturer. The installation basically simulates the right operating condition to test different designs of non-return valves.

Service Solutions

The investigation of low power output of the 6RTA58 main engine's unit 6 revealed, that the crankshaft had slipped by 96°CA. Consequently, referred to torsional vibration calculation based on data from new building, the operation needed to be restricted.

Service Solutions

Ensuring a high level of competence is essential for a company like an engine manufacturer that is delivering high quality industrial products. Tekomar conducted an engine performance course at a 2-stroke engine maker in China.

Service Solutions

Tekomar has successfully developed and verified a NOx reducing up-grade package on two Sulzer 9RTA76 engines at Las Salinas (Fuerteventura) and Jinamar (Gran Canaria) Power Plants, Canary Islands. Acting in cooperation with Marine Diesel Services, Tekomar was responsible for the solution engineering and tuning of the engine.