Low NOx tuning on power plants

Tekomar has successfully developed and verified a NOx reducing up-grade package on two Sulzer 9RTA76 engines at Las Salinas (Fuerteventura) and Jinamar (Gran Canaria) Power Plants, Canary Islands. Acting in cooperation with Marine Diesel Services, Tekomar was responsible for the solution engineering and tuning of the engine.

ENDESA GENERACIÓN demanded a solution for lowering the NOx emissions to the new limit of 2300mg/Nm3 at reference condition of 15%O2, dry base, complying with the regulation introduced by the Government of the Canary Islands. ENDESA had the options to install an SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system requiring several million of Euro of investment cost, or to take the engines out of service, having to cover the electrical demand in Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria with less efficient engines.

Due to the excellent results, other two 9RTA76 engines will be converted into low-NOx configuration in a short period.

The solution proposed by Tekomar fulfils the new regulation, having only minimal overall cost impact for the customer. It was worked out together with ENDESA and includes a minor limitation of the power output without impact on the operation, adapted components as well as modified injection layout and equipment. All this leads to an optimized engine, fulfilling the requirements:

  • NOx emissions below the new limit
  • Low component temperatures for long component lifetime
  • Investment cost on a reasonable level

Engineering solutions on a high expertise level with optimized cost impact and without compromising on reliability is what is defined to be one of the core competence of Tekomar in its aims to add value to their customers operation.