Performance Evaluation Software

Leading shipping companies use Tekomar XPERT

During the last year, Tekomar has successfully expanded the client base for its unique Tekomar XPERT software. Various major shipping companies have decided to implement the performance evaluation software in order to optimise fuel oil consumption and quantify potentials on both engine and hull & propeller.

Currently the sold license count totals in more than 950 ships or 3800 engines for 42 customers.

One of our customers is CMA Ships who have signed an agreement for the supply of Tekomar XPERT E (Performance Evaluation Software for Engines) to the CMA Ships fleets.

Tekomar XPERT E allows CMA Ships to run a structured and transparent analysis of engine performance, quantifying fuel saving potential including measures to realise it. The fleet managers can compare their entire fleet and focus on low-performers instantly.

CMA Ships’ decision follows the trend in the merchant shipping industry where major companies turn to Tekomar’s system.