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Get the most out of your vessel’s propulsion system

At Tekomar we know what it takes to optimise your vessels. The individual performance evaluation shows you where to immediately save fuel or to increase reliability.

We focus on your benefit

In the main, propulsion systems do not perform on the design level and consequently increase the fuel bill – potentially leading to charter claims.

Tekomar Performance Evaluation identifies – remotely or upon request on site – issues which lead to higher fuel consumption and gives clear recommendations on how to optimise the system for best fuel oil performance within the equipment's allowable specifications.

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Perfect knowledge of how to proceed

Normally you realise that your engine has a too high fuel oil consumption or, even worse, you already  got a charter claim for this. The best you can do is to carry out a precise analysis of where the problem comes from.

Send us all the engine and propulsion system data  which are original trial records and recent performance readings. If you already work with Tekomar XPERT you can simply send us 2-3 readings in the .tpr format and we have everything we need to give you a detailed analysis.

Out of these data we are able to compute the information using our performance evaluation software and compose a structured report amended with comments of human engine experts.

The report shows you how to optimise performance. The results unveil fuel oil consumption potentials in the propulsion system as well as inside the engine and advice how to get back to optimal operation.

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The highest level of service at the lowest price

Nine out of ten performance evaluations do not require board attendance by a specialised company and can be conducted remotely as described. Our standard evaluation packages are as follows: 

  • Engine evaluation

Includes a detailed performance evaluation of the main engine, including recommendations for improvements. Remote service package only € 3,000

  •  Propulsion system evaluation

Includes a detailed performance evaluation of the entire propulsion system (main engine and hull/propeller), including recommendations for improvements. Remote service package only € 5,000

Optional you may wish to have a delegation of an engineer to take the readings during voyage. 

Customers with Tekomar XPERT benefit from discounted rates.

Read more about the service and download the leaflet or contact us now. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Overall, this is one of our benefits of using Tekomar XPERT: Put backoffice and shore engineers in a close cooperation to look after engines conditions and performances.
Stéphane Boyer, Senior Engineer, Efficiency & Technology Dept. CMA CGM Gruop

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