Engine Retuning

Individual engine optimisation: derate, retune, save big

Adjusting the engine’s tuning to your specific needs and situation provides increasing reliability, reducing costs and higher flexibility in case of new issues.

Slow steaming at perfect settings

Changing market conditions, such as an oversupply of merchant ships, combined with increasing oil prices, led to the conclusion to operate vessels at slow steaming pace. 

To cope with these new requirements, the engine tuning itself can also be adjusted in one hand to further save fuel oil as well as to operate the engines in a reliable manner. 

Optimise partial load operation with Tekomar

Tekomar knows exactly how to derate and retune diesel engines and their components (turbocharger, injection equipment etc.) to get a better match between the vessels new service speed and the optimum engine operation point. 

Fuel and lube oil consumption will significantly decrease and the engine overhaul interval increase back to normal.

How it works

Once you get in touch with us, we will define the scope of the project. An agreed engineering package typically involves finding the optimal derating solution based on the current operational parameters of your ship. To this end, Tekomar engineers will study the status quo and define desired results with you. Part of this package is also a cost estimation of the modification options.

On this base, Tekomar will suggest improvements (i.e. changes of injection timing and/or equipment or turbo charger specification), calculate their effects and present a detailed course of action showing individual fuel-saving potentials.

Get it done and start saving

Once you okay the retrofit, you may decide to employ an external team of your choice to install the changes. But why not task our engineers to change and verify all settings for you? Their detailed evaluation allows them to quickly and precisely tune any ship’s engine in exact accordance with the engineered solution.

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Overall, this is one of our benefits of using Tekomar XPERT: Put backoffice and shore engineers in a close cooperation to look after engines conditions and performances.
Stéphane Boyer, Senior Engineer, Efficiency & Technology Dept. CMA CGM Gruop

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