Propulsion Efficiency

Identify, quantify, rectify

There are different aspects to achieving the best savings: fuel oil, lube oil and costs. Always with optimum reliability for the service of the vessel. We define savings as three main target groups: Fuel Savings, Lube Oil Savings and Maintenance Savings. The fastest and easiest way to save is to increase efficiency.

Have a look at our products to help you optimise the efficiency of your fleet. For instance, Tekomar XPERT, our analysing and advisory tool for your engine and for hull and propeller.

You can benefit from our independent opinion and vast experience within the areas of New Building and Docking Service.

Tekomar XPERT saves time-consuming analysis, facilitates structured data collection and ensures standardised reporting. It enables ship owners/operators to monitor engine, hull and propeller condition, and to determine potentials in the consequential reduction of fuel oil consumption and emission. Filling the gap in the SEEMP initiative.

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NEW BUILDING SUPPORT: An optimum start to service

There are several critical steps in manufacturing, tuning and testing a marine diesel engine. If the production quality is not optimal, it can cause trouble during operation or lead to excessive fuel oil consumption. None of which you want to hear.

Therefore, we focus on the most important assembling, alignment and tuning steps during manufacturing, shop, and sea trial. With our experience, we are able to ensure that the vessel’s propulsion system is optimised according to the contract and that it meets the characteristics of the shop-tests.

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At Tekomar we know what it takes to optimise your vessels. The individual performance evaluation shows you where to immediately save fuel or increase reliability.

In the main, propulsion systems do not perform on the design level and this increases the fuel bill – potentially leading to charter claims.

The Tekomar Performance Evaluation identifies issues that lead to higher fuel consumption and gives clear recommendations of how to optimise.

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