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Tekomar XPERT engine diagnostics extended to APL fleet

December 13th, 2016

French headquartered CMA CGM decided to extend the use of Tekomar XPERT engine diagnostics to the newly acquired APL fleet. Together with the number of CMA's vessels that already use Tekomar XPERT, a total of 140 vessels benefit from the program. This makes CMA Ships the biggest user of Tekomar XPERT so far.

CMA CGM was one of the first ship operators that consequently implemented Tekomar XPERT as their engine diagnostic system. Starting in 2014 with an initial 70 vessels of the existing fleet, the program was soon extended to the newer fleet. The liner’s ship manager CMA Ships continues to add new buildings as they enter service. With the takeover of APL a few months ago, another 41 vessels were added, totalling 140 vessel of the CMA CGM fleet.

CMA Ships has “environmental concerns at the heart of the Group's strategy”. One of the initiatives has been to optimise engine operation. With introduction of Tekomar XPERT the French Container Liner has not only saved hundreds of tons of fuel and consequentially reduced emission. The software also empowers the engineers in their contribution to fuel efficient operation. Tekomar XPERT has enhanced the discussion about engine performance between sailing engineers and office based vessel managers.

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