Mechanical Lubricator Upgrade

SIP cylinder lubricator upgraded with Tekomar CYLUBE

September 20th, 2016

Korean based Hyundai Ocean Service (HOS) has upgraded the SIP cylinder lubrication system on their Wärtsilä 8RTA96C main engine with Tekomar CYLUBE. The load dependent lubrication system lets HOS achieve significant lube oil savings.

With this upgrade Hyundai Ocean Service Co., Ltd., a division of Hyundai Merchant Marine, achieves lube oil savings of more than 200l every single day from day one. The advanced ECR located remote control allows accurate feed rate setting and thus provides additional potential to reduce consumption even further.

It is the first installation of a Tekomar CYLUBE on a Wärtsilä engine. SIP cylinder lubrication systems have the same pump and timing principle as MAN MC (-C) and Mitsubishi UEC engines and thus are perfectly suitable to be upgraded by Tekomar CYLUBE to load-, Sulphur- and BN-dependent lubrication.

The installation of the most advanced and commercially most effective upgrade for mechanical lubricators is done during normal service without off hire and is delivered 6 weeks after order.

Tekomar CYLUBE is meanwhile installed on more than 90 vessels and has accumulated a total of one million running hours of reliable operation and consequent savings.

If you are interested in the amount of savings you could achieve with the installation of a Tekomar CYLUBE, feel free to check with our lube-oil-calculator.

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