Performance Evaluation Software

Solvang equipping fleet with Tekomar XPERT

May 13th, 2015

Solvang ASA, one of the world’s leading transporters of LPG and petrochemical gases, implements Tekomar XPERT (Performance Evaluation Software) to keep the fleet running optimally in both aspects of efficiency and reliability.

"With the introduction of monitoring and measuring equipment in our fleet, we realized that we have room for improvement in propulsion efficiency but we didn't know exactly where and how to realize the potential. Tekomar XPERT is the system that helps us to identify the saving potential with clear quantification. The recommendations of which parameters and how much to adjust makes the software practical in use for our engineers on board. At the same time it helps our technical team in the office in keeping track of the fleets performance." says Tor Øyvind Ask, Fleet Director.

Tekomar XPERT software provides modules for Engines and Hull & Propeller and can optionally be delivered with a fully integrated DPI cylinder pressure device (TCM-S).

For more information about Tekomar XPERT see the product page or contact us.