Performance Evaluation Software

Right at the forefront of performance optimisation: Tekomar XPERT

February 1st, 2016

Tekomar XPERT was launched in 2012. The only software that compares performance with shop trial reference and instantly advice how to reduce fuel oil consumption and consequentially also the environmental footprint. Tekomar XPERT closes the missing gab in the SEEMP initiative for monitoring, implementing improvements and reporting of efficiency for engines and propulsion system. To date there is no other product on the market that could even remotely match Tekomar XPERT. No wonder we have recently delivered our 750th Tekomar XPERT.

When Tekomar XPERT was first released in 2012, the idea of conducting performance runs against shop-trial references at low loads (<50%) was one of the outstanding features compared to conventional approaches. Being capable of extrapolating test bed data into references for operation with one turbocharger cut out made the software a preferred tool for performance evaluation of TC cut retrofitted engines.

Nowadays most of the (mainly electronically controlled) new buildings feature advanced tuning modes which optimize engine operation at low loads or more complex plant layouts like waste heat recovery. Besides evaluation in normal operation mode, Tekomar XPERT will (depending on the engine tuning) make it possible to conduct performance runs in all possible modes and the complete load range:

  • RT-flex low-load tuning (exhaust gas bypass) incl. exh. valve timing
  • ME engines EGB tuning (exhaust gas bypass), incl. linear transition of bypass valve position
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Turbocharger cut out (flexible or permanently), incl. influence of auxiliary blower operation
  • Closed-loop / Auto tuning injection and exhaust valve timing control
  • Consistent application of advice given in TPE lead to savings of typically about 0.6t/day on 6S50MC-C or 2.4t/day on a 12K90MC-C

Tekomar XPERT nicely integrates with digital cylinder pressure indication devices (online or portable) from many leading manufacturers.

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