Mechanical Lubricator Upgrade

Repeat order for four additional Tekomar CYLUBE for Korean shipping company

February 26th, 2016

Polaris Shipping has decided to order four more Tekomar CYLUBE M after successful first installation on a 9UEC75LSII.

The well-known shipping company is excited to see further savings on the remaining fleet. Cylinder lube oil savings of 30% realized right after installation made the decision easy. Especially when knowing that further potential of savings in a step by step reduction are very realistic. Polaris decided to equip four further vessels. One 7UEC75LSII and three vessels of the type 7UEC85LSII. 

The Material is currently delivered and installations are planned in the coming two months.

For details on Tekomar CYLUBE see our product page or contact us.

Tekomar CYLUBE – the standard upgrade for mechanical lubricators of MAN MC and Mitsubishi UEC engines – has just become even better. Single Lubricator Control makes running-in of units after replacement or overhaul of pistons a simple task. Running in mode can be selected per lubricator on the ECR control panel. Reducing lube oil consumption and at the same time making error prone adjustments on the settings screws obsolete.

Another feature that improves the handling of cylinder lubrication and therefore again increases reliability of piston/cylinder running. Together with other features like BN / S dependency, pre-lubrication, etc.

Single Lubricator Control makes Tekomar CYLUBE upgrade packages the best value of upgrade for mechanical lubricators.  


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