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Next Tekomar XPERT-fleet: NSB

October 28th, 2016

German based REEDEREI NSB – member of NSB GROUP – has decided to implement Tekomar XPERT – engine performance diagnostics – to further optimize their operation.

Once the roll-out of the software to the fleet is completed NSB has filled the gap in structured optimising ship operation with respect to the engine. All other performance systems on the market look either only at parts of the engine performance like cylinder pressure. Or they have a holistic ship performance view considering engines as black boxes.

Tekomar XPERT however diagnoses engine performance in detail without adding more work to crew. It allows the crew on board as well as the shore staff to evaluate engine performance and, based on deviation to reference (shop trial), to quantify the potential fuel oil savings. The expert system instantaneously gives advice how to bring performance back to reference and consequentially to benefit from the savings.

With introduction of Tekomar XPERT NSB not only benefits in lower fuel bills but also contributes to their sustainability goal by consequently reducing use of resources and lowering emissions. Adding a further measure to the specific ship efficiency and energy management plan (SEEMP) which each NSB vessel carries.

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