Mechanical Lubricator Upgrade

The easy way to save cylinder lubrication oil

November 19th, 2015

Tekomar has further developed its Tekomar CYLUBE with additional features such as lubrication feed rate not only depending on engine load but also on cylinder lube oil BN and fuel oil sulphur content. Tekomar CYLUBE upgrades the mechanical lubricators of MAN MC and Mitsubishi UEC engines to the same level as any modern cylinder lubrication system. Fully complying with engine designers guidelines.

The new feature comes with a new M/E Cylinder Lubrication Control Panel which is installed in the engine control room. The panel makes all adjustments (cylinder lubrication feed rate, cylinder lubrication oil BN, fuel oil sulphur content) easy to set and check. I.e. the error-prone procedure of referring to the oiler diagram and setting screw adjustments is obsolete as this is programmed into the system and enhanced with maker's guidelines concerning fuel- and lube oil properties. Having the M/E Cylinder Lubrication Control panel in the ECR ensures that the correct cylinder lubrication setting gets the required attention of the ship engineers.
This improvement makes Tekomar CYLUBE the most cost efficient upgrade of mechanical cylinder lubrication systems. Payback times of less than six months are commonly to be expected (depending on engine size).
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