Engineering Services

Consulting on IMO Tier I compliance

November 11th, 2012

A large number of Sulzer engines built between 1990 and 2000 that are now subject to investment for expensive IMO Tier I upgrades, would technically need either no or only slight permanent adjustment to comply with the IMO Tier I NOX requirements, or in other words to run within the required 17g/kWh limit.

As informed earlier, Tekomar has developed its own technical methods to assist customers in getting the engines built between 1990 and 2000 to comply with the IMO NOx Tier I requirements.

The process of having the very cost efficient method for Sulzer brand engines verified and certified, has shown that within the given set of rules and due to self-interest of different parties, no satisfactory “approved method” could be brought to the market. The definitions made by the IMO body, to introduce the idea of using a system of “approved method” as such is very good, as with this way, once certified, no more extensive NOx measurements on board are needed. However it seems that the entire framework might have a weak point, leaving the ship owners no other option but to invest in an OEM-approved solution, which from a technical perspective would not be necessary.

A large number of engines could technically be brought to the required emission level with measures as simple as permanently blocking the fuel injection timing on its zero position, and a number of engines would even fulfil the requirements as they are, without any adjustments. Nevertheless these engines might be or are listed to be mandatory subject to install the available "approved method", and the ship-owner is obliged to spend money for a potentially over-engineered solution. Tekomar now offers a consulting package for ship-owners to have particular installations assessed.

We also aim to discuss with clients concrete steps for an approved way with measurement and confirmation of IMO Tier I compliance on vessels in service. In case that more ship owners are interested in joining hands, Tekomar would also start to offer real on-site NOx measurements, communication with the classification society on behalf of the client and establishment of the required technical files.