Mechanical Lubricator Upgrade

2x Tekomar CYLUBE for Odfjell

March 13th, 2017

Tekomar has successfully installed the first two Tekomar CYLUBE mechanical cylinder lubricator upgrades for Odfjell, a leading company in the global chemical tanker industry. The two upgrades help to reduce the cylinder lube oil feed rate on a 6UEC52LS and a 6RTA58T-B. Both installations are the first of a series.

Tekomar CYLUBE not only lowers cylinder lube oil consumption due to changed lubrication characteristics. With the easy-to-handle user interface on the control panel in the engine control room it also makes complicated and error-prone adjustments on the lubricator obsolete. All important functions, such as the adjustment of feed rate, running-in and sulphur and BN dependency, are integrated in the control system. Straight forward and reliable!

Tekomar CYLUBE is now also available for engines with CLU3 lubricators. The new development brings the known features and proven technology of Tekomar CYLUBE for MC (-C) and UEC engines now also to the RTA / RT-flex engines with a CLU3 lubricating system. The system also does away with the need to find the correct feed rate in complicated diagrams and adjusting it in the RCS parameters and with lubricator setting screws. Tekomar CYLUBE S3 makes adjusting and maintaining the feed rate a routine task even when changing fuel or load. A straightforward user interface and consequent easy handling of adjustments result in an optimised feed rate.

Once the savings and reliability have been confirmed, Odfjell will decide whether to install Tekomar CYLUBE on a wider range of ships adding to their initiatives to maintain the “efficient operation of deep-sea and regional chemical tankers”.



If you are interested in the amount of savings you could achieve with the installation of a Tekomar CYLUBE, feel free to check with our lube-oil-calculator.

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