The Concept

The smart concept for optimum fuel savings

Always stay inside optimum range with the most affordable way to run diesel engines on a low load: Apply a turbocharger cut-out with Tekomar TURBOCUT to immediately reduce fuel consumption while improving the reliability of the plant.

Your benefit: Installation during normal service

One of the benefits of choosing Tekomar TURBOCUT is that you will be able to install the flexible turbocharger cut-off during a normal operation period.  

The whole package (1 parcel) will be delivered to the port of your choice and the modification will be carried out during a regular port stay.

So not only low cost but also high consistency in your routine.

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Your benefit: High-grade, lightweight plates

The changeover from «Off» to «ON» mode is carried out within 60 minutes. That is possible because of the high-grade lightweight plates the design uses. The titanium plates just slip into the right position easily because two men are able to handle them comfortably.

So not only easy to handle but also highly durable.

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Your benefit: Fuel saving up to 10 g/kWh

It is obvious to you that cutting off the turbocharger at certain points of load range (power % of MCR) can save you a lot of fuel. But did you know that the fuel savings can go up to 10 g/kWh? And with the low initial costs (from €25,000), you will achieve a great payback period of less than 6 months.

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Tekomar TURBOCUT has principal approval for all 2-stroke engines with two or more turbochargers. The package comes with a 12-month warranty and includes all required material, installation and commissioning work and is available in two options.

Do-it-yourself kit

  • Material
  • Instruction for limiter settings
  • Installation guidelines

Turnkey kit

  • Material
  • Instruction for limiter settings
  • Onboard installation done in one port stay

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