Technical Specifications

With only three additional elements, you cut off TC

With the new concept to match both goals – a highly reliable system to reduce fuel consumption and low initial costs – Tekomar TURBOCUT presents the perfect solution for your situation.

When to cut off TC?

By cutting off one turbocharger, the boost and efficiency of the remaining turbocharger(s) is increased. That leads to considerably lower fuel consumption and lower maintenance costs for the entire combustion system due to lower deposits.

Typical recommended load range (power % of MCR) with one of the turbochargers cut off:

Engine with 2 T/C: 10% – 40%

Engine with 3 T/C: 10% – 60%

Engine with 4 T/C: 10% – 70%

The three components

With Tekomar TURBOCUT, changing over from “OFF” to “ON” is achieved in only 60 minutes. The concept is simple, flexible and very reliable, even after long-term operation.

Quick-locking nuts allow the compensator to be loosened with just half a turn of each bolt. When the

compensator is compressed (by means of turn-buckles), the lightweight blind plate can be inserted into the free space.

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Do-it-yourself installation

You can choose from two options:

A do-it-yourself kit, including all materials and installation and commissioning guidelines. An all-inclusive package with the complete modification work carried out by Tekomar’s specialist.

In both cases, the installation can be carried out during normal service.

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