Greek Danaos Shipping got delivered 10 Tekomar TURBOCUT for their 8K90MC-C fleet

January 15th, 2013

In order to optimize their fleet for the demands for low load operation, Danaos Shipping had a strong interest in the Tekomar TURBOCUT solution.

As one of the largest independent owners of modern, large-size containerships, Danaos Shipping which charters their containerships on long-term contracts at fixed rates to many of the world's largest liner companies, they opted for the “do it yourself” package for its lowest initial costs.

As Danaos Shipping says: "Our distinct edge in advanced shipping technology and long track record of safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility has helped us forge lasting relationships with our customers." they give the Tekomar TURBOCUT a proof of confidence and trust. "Our conservative and disciplined approach to fleet growth has positioned us to exploit market opportunities during periods of low ship prices and reduced demand."

Easy to install with the do it yourself package

The manual but flexible system gives exactly the same benefits as any other turbocharger cut out system. The package consists of all material and an easy to cope installation guide, sent to the ship in one package. This option makes a low initial cost even lower and the installation can be planned by the own crew at any convenient port stay.

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