ER Schifffahrt, Hamburg Germany, has equipped three 12K98MC-C engines with Tekomar TURBOCUT

December 18th, 2012

It was only six week after the Tekomar TURBOCUTS have been ordered, that they were performing perfectly and keeping the running turbochargers performing at their best on three 12K98MC-C engines.

E.R. Schiffahrt is a maritime services provider for container and bulk shipping. Currently, the company has more than 90 ships in service.

The aim of the E.R. Schiffahrt is to be one of the best charter companies on the global market. Around 3,500 employees ashore and at sea afford their dedicated contribution to ensure safety, reliability and efficiency in the interests of our business partners.

With this background it was very interesting for E.R. Schiffahrt to optimize fuel consumption with low steaming. To keep up the engines performance the Tekomar TURBOCUT was the perfect solution to upgrade their marine diesels turbocharger systems with lowest initial costs and the same fuel saving benefits as for any other turbocharger cut out system.


The solution focusses on a minimum change of the existing parts. A lightweight high-grade plate that fits between the exhaust manifold and the existing compensators and a quick locking system are able to do the cut out job. Within a average changeover time of only 60 minutes to change from "ON" to "OFF" the system is highly flexible and allows to run on maximum speed whenever needed.

The the installation was done in normal service in one port stay, so normal services could be maintained.

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