Tekomar CYLUBE S

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Looking for a load-dependent cylinder lubrication system that does not wear out, is easy to adjust and comes at a very affordable price? Tekomar CYLUBE S for Sulzer engines replaces the weak point of the cylinder lubrication system: the linkage. Tekomar CYLUBE S provides full electronic control, accurate settings via digital input and can be installed during normal service.

Precise lubrication management

The accurate setting of the feed rate - enabled by a proportional flow valve - will result in lower consumption. The concept: Tekomar CYLUBE S connects its control system to a "load indicator x rpm" signal, or optionally to a torque meter, and converts the actual engine load into a lubricating signal. The signal is fed to the flow control valve. Knowing the lubricator shaft rpm and the screw setting of the lubricators (all brands), the control system then determines the actual lubrication amount.

How it works

The cylinder lubrication controller 1) calculates the required lubrication amount and actuates the flow control valve 2) mounted on the hydraulic adapter 4). This regulates the control oil flow to the lubricator drive. 3) is the safety (pressure relief) valve.

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We achieved about 20 to 30% of savings. It is at this time too early to make a statement about engine condition, but liner/piston condition seems to be improving as well.
Peter Mackeprang, HANSA SHIPPING GmbH & CO. KG
Propulsion Efficiency

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The Tekomar CYLUBE package comes with a 12-month warranty and includes: all required material installation and commissioning work Delivery time is max. 6 weeks and installation is done in 3 days during normal service.

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