Tekomar CYLUBE M

A smart upgrade to bring down costs

Tekomar CYLUBE achieves significant cylinder lubrication oil savings by upgrading the original mechanical lubricators of MAN MC (-C) and Mitsubishi UEC engines with an engine load, BN and S- dependent system carried out in the control panel of the ECR.

Get your investment back in less than twelve months

The concept of Tekomar CYLUBE consists of touching the existing lubricators as little as possible with the maximum of effect.

Therefore, we have developed an intelligent fully redundant system that copes with the existing parts.

A mounted gear on the offset shaft and an electronically controlled actuator make the settings. The elaborate software acts as an interface between your requirements and the external conditions.

So as it is that easy, your return on investment is notable.

Reduce cylinder lube oil costs

With Tekomar CYLUBE you are able to upgrade your MAN MC (-C) and Mitsubishi UEC engines with an engine load, lube oil BN and fuel oil S-dependent system. Just enter the specifications of fuel and lube oil and the lubricators will know what feed-rate is best – at any load. No more overlubrication, but no underlubrication either. And the best is yet to come: you can control the settings of your cylinder lubrication system directly in the control panel in the ECR – set desired feed rate in g/kWh without touching the setting screw.

The system is easy but intelligent. With low impact you can run lubrication at optimum feedrate.

Mechanical Concept

With Tekomar CYLUBE M, the original lubricator remains untouched. It preserves precise timing and injection at every single revolution.

And this is how it works: An electronically controlled actuator is engaged on the offset shaft. An angle transmitter and speed sensor are used for power estimation. Both are connected to the cylinder lubrication controller which computes the actuator position from the input and user-defined settings.

Now the feed rate can be set accurately based on load-dependent lubrication characteristic, which is the standard for today's engine designs.

User input is carried out using the Lubricator Control Panel in the ECR – making cylinder lubrication visible.

The controller you always wanted to have

Why not just set the BN and S-values and get the perfect lubrication? That is how we at Tekomar were thinking as well. 


The innovative lubrication controller, which is mounted conveniently in the engine control room not the engine room, shows you only relevant information. You can adjust the settings with a manual control wheel and switch from settings to graphs by clicking on the corresponding buttons at the side.

The interface is so intuitive that it takes no time to understand and manage it. Just plug and play.

  • Power calculated from FI x rpm
  • Minimum feed rate setting
  • ACC factor is automatically calculated and applied based on S% and BN setting
  • Running-in mode
  • Basic feed rate based on S, BN and/or running-in step
  • Always full control due to overview of all relevant values

As you control the actuators separately, it is possible to have individual settings for each lubricator.

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Tekomar Engineer Thomas Häni on board the Maersk Katarina

The video shows clearly that the lubricator upgrade is a routine operation.

Due to our experience in upgrading mechanical lubricators, the intervention is highly predictable and a quick win – for you.

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Subsequent crew training is completed within two hours. Anyone can manage the system though it is normally operated by the second engineer.
Beat Güttinger
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Fast return on investment

Low cylinder lubrication oil consumption leads to high savings: The payback time on initial costs is typically less than 6 months (depending on engine size and load pattern).

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Installation during normal service

At Tekomar we are focussed on delivering without any bother.

Therefore, to avoid suprises, your crew carries out a pre-inspection analysis and sends the data to us. With this knowlegde we know the installation is going to be successful before we even start working.

To keep your business running, we organise the delivery of material and work so we can install the upgrade during normal service.

Installation is done within three days where we need maximum twelve hours of engine stand still. After a short trial for calibration you are all set for savings.

The Tekomar CYLUBE package comes with a 12-month warranty and includes:

  • Aall required material
  • Iinstallation and commissioning work
  • Delivery time is max. 6 weeks
  • Installation is done in 3 days during normal service.

Feel free to contact us and get your individual offer within 24 hrs.

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