Tekomar CYLUBE – Service Experience

320,000 operating hours and counting

July 6th, 2017

Tekomar CYLUBE, an upgrade for mechanical lubricators of MAN MC(-C), Mitsubishi UEC and Sulzer SIP lubricating systems, has been installed on 36 engines, with another 19 on the order book. We have accumulated more than 320,000 rhrs since 2013, and they show very reliable operation with excellent results in both cylinder lube oil consumption and cylinder condition.

As with all other systems on the market, Tekomar CYLUBE can achieve feed rates as low as engine makers’ recommendations. Like other systems, the actual achievable feed rate depends on many other factors – sulphur content of fuel oil, BN of CLO, condition of liner and piston rings, to name just a few.

So far the system has had very few failures. Three actuators (out of a total of 122) had to be replaced due to malfunction of the electric motor. The exchange with a spare motor was made by the crew without any delay. Additionally, two monitors with failing screens had to be replaced. None of the incidents influenced operations or risked cylinder liner failure.

On all vessels, Tekomar CYLUBE has improved cylinder condition remarkably through correct lubrication feed rate in all loads and conditions. Clean piston ring packages and top lands are the result. Additionally, the easy-to-handle remote control in the engine control room has increased crews’ awareness of cylinder lubrication. Their regained readiness to proactively adjust cylinder lubrication feed rate and maintain optimised operation has impacted the results significantly. No wonder major shipping companies rely on Tekomar CYLUBE as their first choice in an upgrade of mechanical lubricators.



If you are interested in the savings you could achieve with the installation of a Tekomar CYLUBE, check with our lube-oil-calculator.

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