Engine Upgrades

One objective, different means

Optimising your vessel’s performance, reducing fuel or lubrication oil consumption or adapting your engines to new settings, this may all be in your head. Luckily we know how to make your ideas come true. Our vast experience, not only as supplier but also as OEM engineers, enables Tekomar to provide you outstanding solutions.

Lube oil saving is just a matter of calculation. The Tekomar CYLUBE achieves significant savings by upgrading the original mechanical lubricators.

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Engine Tuning

The way you operate your fleet is defined by your business model and also by the business demands of the industries you serve as a consequence of financial markets and global politics. So you might, as currently very common, opt for slow steaming. Now add changes to the hull geometry or propeller charateristics and you will likely end up with engines running outside their optimal parameters.

Tekomars engine tuning is the smart way to bring the engines back to perfect shape.

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Sailing ahead: Hansa Shipping implements Tekomar technology

In today's shipping markets it is increasingly difficult to improve the bottom line. One option: significantly lower fuel and lube oil consumption. Hansa Shipping has achieved just that by upgrading several ships with Tekomar CYLUBE.

The support and accuracy of Tekomar has been a key fact to the successful new building.
Thomas David, New Building Director, JT Essberger

Competitive slow steaming within an hour

Running a diesel engine on a low load means running it outside of the optimum range. Tekomar TURBOCUT reduces the fuel consumption and improves reliability of engines while slow steaming. A low cost option that is flexible to operate.

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Fast return on investment

Low cylinder lubrication oil consumption leads to high savings: the payback time on initial costs is typically less than 6 months (depending on engine size and load pattern).

Calculate your individual savings. If you are interested in Tekomar CYLUBE, we are looking forward to making you an individual offer.

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Overall, this is one of our benefits of using Tekomar XPERT: Put backoffice and shore engineers in a close cooperation to look after engines conditions and performances.
Stéphane Boyer, Senior Engineer, Efficiency & Technology Dept. CMA CGM Gruop

Turbocharger Cutout

More about Tekomar TURBOCUT

If you are interested in the smart way to reduce costs by cutting off the turbocharger when slow steaming, read more about Tekomar TURBOCUT here.

Mechanical Lubricator Upgrade

More about Tekomar CYLUBE

If you want to know more about more about how to optimise lubrication oil consumption with Tekomar CYLUBE, here's the way.

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