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Tekomar Performance Evaluation Software

Instant advises how to save fuel oil and consequentially reduce environmental footprint of your engines and propulsion system. TPE fills the gap in today’s SEEMP initiatives.


Simply affordable

Running a diesel engine on low load means running it outside of the optimum range. Tekomar Turbo Cut reduces the fuel consumption and improves reliability of engines while slow steaming. A low cost option that is flexible to operate...

The TPE software is unique by its simple user interface and qualitative output. It provides all the information necessary for us to efficiently monitor and evaluate our engines both onboard and ashore. No more – no less.
Hans Gundestrup, General Manager, KNOT Management Denmark

Fully optimizing propulsion systems.

Tekomar Performance Evaluation identifies – remotely and upon request on site – issues which lead to higher fuel consumption and gives clear recommendations how to get the system optimized...

All of our activities shall have an immediate impact on the equipment's operational costs or reliability.
Tekomar Group Ltd

Load dependent cylinder lubrication

The Tekomar Mechanical Lubricator Upgrade replaces the weak point of the mechanical cylinder lubrication system on B&W engines to achieve significant cylinder lubrication oil savings.


Keeping engines in good shape

Time is - in an operational daily business - a rare good, particularly if combined with the need for maintenance expertise. Tekomar Korea offers maintenance services for 4- and 2-stroke engines worldwide...


Engineering service

Tekomar was recently entrusted with a development project for the design of a valve testbed for a local manufacturer. The installation basically simulates the right operating condition to test different designs of non-return valves...


CMA ships uses TPE

TPE for Engines allows CMA Ships to run a structured and transparent analysis of engine performance, quantifying fuel saving potential including measures to realise it. The fleet managers can compare their entire fleet and focus on low-performers instantly...


Going optimally in service.

There are critical steps in manufacturing, tuning and testing of a marine diesel engines. If the quality of the production is not optimal, it can cause troubles in operation, or lead to excessive fuel oil consumption. In new building support we focus on...