Service Solutions

Highest quality and competitive pricing?

Our engineers provide in-depth knowledge in the field of marine equipment service and engine operation. This is the basis to be able to offer nearly every service required for your marine diesel engines. Our offers are on fixed prices or at a daily rates.

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Onboard Services

Engine Troubleshooting

What ever engine problem you may have; Our experienced engineers can help with onboard trouble shooting in virtually all cases. We are available 24/7 to travel to any location in the world. Please contact us by clicking here.

All of our activities shall have an immediate impact on the equipment’s operational costs or reliability.
Tekomar Group Ltd
Workshop Services

4-Stroke Workshop Overhaul

Land your used parts at our workshop at Korea and get back perfectly overhauled components, such as: cylinder head,  piston crown, con-rod, cylinder liner, air cooler, fuel injection pump, fuel injection valve, electric and mechanical govenor, etc. Please contact us by clicking here.

Workshop Services

Turbocharger Overhaul

Tekomar engineers bring out the best in any type of turbocharger with a workshop overhaul with shaft rotor balancing. They are also available for onboard maintenance tasks. Please contact us by clicking here

Maintenance Service

Exact tailored service

You need expert maintenance services for your 4 or 2-stroke engines worldwide? You can expect an exact tailored service for your engine overhaul planning to make sure you sail off at the predicted time. Our offers are on a fixed price or daily rate basis. Please contact us by clicking here.

Workshop Services

Pneumatic System Overhaul

If you need to overhaul the main pneumatic engine control system, you may consider to ask Tekomar engineers. Highest quality at reasonable prices make it the best alternative. We do the work preferably during the docking period, and also during port stays.

Onboard Services

4-Stroke Engine Overhauls

It’s a major task to get engine overhauls done cost effectively and reliably on a worldwide operating fleet. Almost impossible, until now. You only do the scheduling, everything else is agreed, with fixed prices for both on-board and workshop overhauls. Read more about the solution here.

Onboard Services

2-Stroke Engine Overhauls

Tekomar Engineers can either supervise or carry out onboard maintenance tasks for virtually all 2-stroke engine components. Worldwide during portstay or during docking. Read more about the solution here.

Workshop Services

Lubricating System Overhaul

Overhaul of engine lubricators, changeover/switch from old mechanical lubricators to newer types, such as RPLS and Alpha Lubricators. Read more about the solution here.

Workshop Services

2-Stroke Parts Reconditioning

Reconditioning of cylinder covers, piston heads, exhaust valves.

  • Exhaust valve spindle with seat
  • Piston crown, skirt and rod
  • Fuel injection pump
  • Fuel injection valve and related fuel parts

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