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A perfect docking job for the engines starts before the docking period. Our engineers offer a comprehensive engine inspection some months before the docking, so you can prepare specific parts in time. Our engine expert will supervise all engine works during the docking period. The work itself can be carried out by the ship crew, dockyard workers, or you can order Tekomar engineers.

Consistent quote and invoice

No additional billings, no standing around with time clocks ticking. As we are e are keen to match our quote as precise as possible, we focus on a careful calculation. And in addition, as we send our engineers on board, manpower, material and work is most exactly monitored. So we provide a comprehensive service report, listing all work carried out and the condition of equipment for later reference.

And with our standard six-month warranty for service work, we also are interested in having the work done perfect at first try.

Getting perfectly prepared for the next docking – with Tekomar Predocking Inspection

The condition of the engine largely determines the scope of work required during docking.

The Tekomar predocking assessment helps plan any overhaul and inspection work efficiently, and order any spare parts that may be required.

This service makes class approvals easy.

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Getting ready for another rewarding five years – with Tekomar Docking Supervision

Having your main engine inspected and its key components assessed and readjusted on a regular basis is essential to keep reliability and operational cost efficiency on a predictable and high level.

A tailored inspection and overhaul package supports you in performing it all during dry-docking.

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For a perfect heartbeat – Tekomar Pneumatic System Overhaul

A vessels dry docking is the ultimate opportunity to overhaul the pneumatic system. This will guarantee reliable engine operation as well as the vessels safety during manoeuvring until next dry docking is up.

Overhaul for MAN B&W ENGINE includes maintenance of the VIT system, reversing air cylinders, I/P converters, lifting gear devices and all associated pneumatic systems.

Overhaul for SULZER ENGINE includes maintenance of the safety cut-out system, reversing cylinders, governor air cylinder, emergency console and all associated pneumatic systems.

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Most competitive solution

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Offer & Contact

For service enquiries, contact our coordinator to get a custom offer.

You can also receive an offer for standard maintenance tasks in line with engine designer’s and maker’s manuals.

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We aim to give quotations that predict the final invoice as accurately as possible. This helps customers to keep to the expected budget.
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