Tekomar XPERT for Hull & Propeller

Higher efficiency through perfect analysis

Tekomar XPERT H&P evaluates the condition of any ship’s hull and propeller at any given time. The fuel oil saving potential is calculated by comparing the current operational point to design conditions. Never before has getting a grip on ship performance been more convenient.

Always monitor the status of your hull and propeller

After installation, the reference values and corrections are calculated automatically. With Tekomar XPERT H&P, you receive a graphic output of what you have recorded just by switching from the recording sheet to the corresponding graph sheet.

Based on the ship’s current speed (an operational requirement), the engine power and speed are calculated at design conditions, incorporating draft, trim, wind speed/direction, wave height and water depth. The calculated values can be compared directly to those measured during the sea trial. The deviation then shows the aging of the hull and/or propeller.

A key to information: revealing graphs

An outstanding tool for every engineer or technical manager is the graph display. Combining a conventional graph sheet layout with an interactive display and evaluation results (reference and ISO calculation), it provides an easy-to-understand presentation of the actual data.

In addition, separate reference graphs can even show fuel oil consumption for Aux. Blower operation (on/off), Turbocharger Cut-offs (optional) and WHR (Waste Heat Recovery) are calculated by the comprehensive calculation framework. Every display is corrected to the design condition and operation.


Good to know:

The Energy Efficiency Operational Index is plotted against the IMO design reference limit (new buildings from 2013-01-10 to 2014-12-31) and the (virtual) EEOI reference line at variable ship speed.

The readings page is where you record the ship, sea, weather and engine data. You will find highlighted mandatory fields, input validation and everything else you need to properly identify, quantify and rectify excess fuel oil consumption.

Instant quantification

Based on current sea and wind conditions, draughts, etc. the measured engine power and speed are evaluated against the design. If there is a deviation, Tekomar XPERT H&P quantifies and reports the fuel oil savings potential showing the effects of hull and propeller improvements and shifted engine operation points due to draught, wind and sea conditions. This clearly indicates if hull cleaning is a suitable measure (issued as a recommendation by the program when applicable).



Notable cost reduction

The main engine (internal) savings potential can be added to the report using the Tekomar XPERT E engine module. The result is the total savings potential for the ship, calculated without any measurement of the effective fuel oil consumption. The deviation of effective consumption from the expected consumption at any given ship speed serves as verification. If both are matching, the picture is complete.

If you prefer to evaluate the optimisations with our team, feel free to have a look at the following offer: Performance Evaluation

Latest versions and connection to online services


  • Tekomar XPERT software subscription
  • Ship and office license
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Software updates
  • Online services

License per ship, valid 1 year

Ship license

  • Tekomar XPERT configured for Hull & Propeller
  • Upload data to Tekomar Cloud Workspace by e-mail
  • Import process data from various sources (e.g. DPI, CoCoS, AMS)

Office license (always included in ship license)

  • Based on Tekomar Cloud Workspace, access to all ships’ data
  • Assigned access for fleet or ship managers

Services and updates

Services (included)

  • Tekomar Cloud Workspace: Online data storage for ubiquitous access
  • Automatic backup
  • Export process and KPI data to XML/API

Software updates

  • Application updates for general features, new operating systems, bugfixes
  • Configuration updates to reflect technical improvements and technical change request

Performance Evaluation Software

Tekomar XPERT E

Instantly evaluate the performance of engines by comparing the actual ISO corrected measurement with the reference data (shop trial) at any load point.

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