Tekomar XPERT E

Optimum performance with a single mouse click

Tekomar XPERT for Engines is the software that instantly evaluates the performance of engines by comparing the actual ISO corrected measurement with the reference data (shop trial) at any load point.

Power at your fingertips

The user interface of the application is built in a way that you find the controls by intuition, activity driven. It lets you do everything with only a few mouse clicks.

Like creating a new readings:

1. Tab “Reading”
2. Select the vessel
3. Select one of the engines
4. Click New

Working with performance data for several vessels or engines was never so easy. All is available in one place – ready for Evaluation.

Tailor made data

The performance data recording sheet is tailor-made for your engine, featuring only the data that can actually be recorded. Simply collapse columns individually when using a low resolution screen. Printouts are available at any time.

You will find highlighted mandatory fields, input validation and everything else you need to properly identify, quantify and rectify excess fuel oil consumption. 

After setting the system up, reference values and corrections are calculated automatically. Switch from the recording sheet to the corresponding graph sheet to see the graphic output of the data you have just recorded.        

New version: selection of multiple power estimation methods. Optionally import data from other sources.

Revealing graphs

The graph display, combining conventional graph sheet layout with an interactive display and evaluation results (reference and ISO calculation), is an outstanding tool for every engineer or technical manager.

Tekomar XPERT E displays results for all connected units or components. Colours indicate the degree of deviation, including separate reference graphs for Aux.

Blower operation (on/off) and Turbo Cut (optional) are derived from our comprehensive calculation framework, thus allowing performance evaluations even at low loads – a unique feature. The well-known Load Diagram illustrates the Main Engine power and speed margin relative to the nominal propeller graph and the manufacturer’s operational limits. 

More than 1000 vessels all over the world benefit from Tekomar XPERT.

More data at any given time: Tekomar DATABRIDGE

Broaden the reach of Tekomar XPERT by connecting it to the Alarm and Monitoring System (AMS) of your vessel.

While you may run Tekomar XPERT on any computer to import data in various formats from sources like a digital cylinder pressure indication device, Tekomar XPERT will NOT read data from wired connections.

Bridge this gap with Tekomar DATABRIDGE, an industrial PC and electronic storage unit located in your Engine Control Room (ECR). It links to the AMS by wired connection and communicates with Tekomar XPERT via Ethernet (existing network).

  • Benefits: Tekomar DATABRIDGE collects data from your AMS. This happens automatically. Once it runs, you may review any current or historical dataset via Tekomar XPERT.
  • Range: All information may be retained as per your specifications (depending on hardware configuration and needs). The amount of available data is defined by the layout of your AMS. Analysis or transmission to on-shore is achieved through Tekomar XPERT software and your existing E-mail system (user to send *.tpr as attachment).
  • Prerequisites: Your AMS supplier must be able to provide data over a wired connection. The wiring type, mode and protocol as well as an exact signal list are to be defined prior to the installation of Tekomar DATABRIDGE. Tekomar XPERT is needed to employ Tekomar DATABRIDGE.
  • Typical configuration: Industrial PC. Headless (no input devices or monitor). No rotating parts. Fanless. Includes network switch, cables and power supply. Preconfigured: Tekomar DATABRIDGE software and import function for Tekomar XPERT.

Additional feature: get your Tekomar handheld

This handheld combustion monitoring device works seamlessly with Tekomar XPERT E and removes the need for additional investment in cylinder pressure indicators. A robust sensor and Thompson indicator cock adaptor measures single cylinder unit pressure on 2 and 4-stroke engines. Raw data from TCM-S (and other devices) is analysed directly in the Tekomar XPERT E (in combination with other engine data).

Comes preconfigured with engine parameters. Automatic TDC adjustment without TDC sensor. Monitored cylinder pressure data:

  • Firing pressure
  • Compression pressure
  • Mean indicated pressure
  • Indicated power

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Performance Evaluation

With Tekomar XPERT your fleet always runs at peak performance

With the “Fleet Comparison Report” generated with one click from Tekomar XPERT, you can see the different performances of your ships at a glance. You’ll instantly see if a vessel is not running as expected and be able to initialise appropriate measures ahead of time.

Comparing the performance data readings is very simple, even if the data comes from different loads, from different engines of different types, brands, makes and configurations. Once the measured data is calculated, corrected and classified, you are in control.

You simply select the vessels and engines for the benchmark. If you are interested in a particular engine, just drill down to its evaluation or recording sheet.

Straight-forward management of readings – highly secure

You can send readings directly from the vessel by e-mail to the superintendent at the head office. There you can simply drop the received files into the application or double-click to open them.

With unique engine and reading identifiers Tekomar XPERT prevents data mix-ups. So you always know which reading belongs with which engine. The import dialog will also guide you through the import.

The data can be archived easily using any backup solution you already use. All data is encrypted. Only the corresponding program in your offices or on your vessel will be able to read it.

Latest versions and connection to online services


  • Tekomar XPERT software subscription
  • Ship and office license
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Software updates
  • Online services

License per ship, valid 1 year

Ship license

  • Tekomar XPERT configured for Engines
  • Upload data to Tekomar Cloud Workspace by e-mail
  • Import process data from various sources (e.g. DPI, CoCoS, AMS)

Office license (always included in ship license)

  • Based on Tekomar Cloud Workspace, access to all ships’ data
  • Assigned access for fleet or ship managers

Services and updates

Services (included)

  • Tekomar Cloud Workspace: Online data storage for ubiquitous access
  • Automatic backup
  • Export process and KPI data to XML/API

Software updates

  • Application updates for general features, new operating systems, bugfixes
  • Configuration updates to reflect technical improvements and technical change request

Hull & Propeller

Reduce consumption by analysing your Hull & Propeller

If you know exactly how much more power you have to give to propel your vessel through the sea, you can identify the perfect time for maintenance.

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Major shipping companies use Tekomar XPERT

Tekomar XPERT for Engines allows CMA Ships to run a structured and transparent analysis of engine performance, quantifying fuel saving potential including measures to realise it. The fleet managers can compare their entire fleet...


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