Tekomar XPERT Update 2017

Flagship features: improved 4-Stroke engine evaluation and automatic missing value preset

Again: Update 2017 brings precious new features into engine performance diagnostics software Tekomar XPERT.

Within this years update, the proved automatic power estimation and trending is now extended to 4-stroke engines. In addition, evaluation using default values for missing inputs, as well as automatic detection of auxiliary blower operation and fuel oil type in use take Tekomar XPERT to a further level.

And as if this were not enough: The update brings comments and recommendations order according to general probability. For smarter, faster and even more reliable results.

4-stroke engine automatic Power estimation

Still engine power remains one of the most important indications to diagnose engine performance as it sets the baseline for all references.

The well proved and established automatic power estimation and trending, a last years updates feature, is now extended to 4-stroke engines. „XPERT Power“ enables your managers and your crew to monitor without distinction all engines on board.

In analogy to the 2-stroke concept the advanced algorithm that correlatively weights all available methods (Switchboard indicator, LIxrpm, pscav, TC speed, MEP, etc) these facts are good to know:

  • Power by Switchboard remains a highly weighted input, but will be challenged (in case of wrong indication)
  • Trend charts, compatible with already collected data now also available for 4-stroke engines (Thermodynamics, Consumption)

Default values for missing input

Performance estimation is based on measured or known input values. Frequently, however, these are difficult to obtain or are completely lacking. This makes a regular measurement difficult, random assumptions sometimes falsify the result considerably.

Since this situation is known to us and has always been mentioned by our customers, our engineers have developed a method to obtain better results. From the existing values ​​and from the experience of over 30 years, the most likely values ​​are used as default. The review has shown that these values ​​are mostly true, but always better than the suggestions made by individuals.

Tekomar XPERT automatically set values ​​for the following values:

  • Air temp. COMPRESSOR in
  • Scav. / Charge. air temp.
  • Suction press.
  • Exh. gas press. TC out
  • Firing press. pmax
  • Fuel oil LCV
  • Fuel oil density
  • Fuel oil temp. ENGINE in

More logics for easy handling

Some settings can be automatically set correctly due to various known factors. For example, the state of the auxiliary blower can be reliably determined due to a certain engine load and does not need to be set manually.

Tekomar XPERT automatically set switches ​​for the following values:

  • Detection of auxiliary blower operation (on / off)
  • Detection of fuel oil type in use (MDO / HFO)

Tekomar XPERT also automatically indicates the fuel oil quality (CCAI and ECN calculation).

Tekomar XPERT still provides comments and recommendations. The Engine Evaluation Report sorts the causes by probability due to the vast experience of our engineers.

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Earlier updates

Tekomar XPERT Update C16

Automatic power estimation and trending were the flagship features of Tekomar XPERT Update C16. More features as easy handling, connectivity to other systems and better results in terms of quality and effectiveness helped to raise engine performance diagnostics to a qualitatively new level.

Automatic power estimation benefits:

  • Ensuring the correct baseline for the engine performance diagnosis
  • Correctly estimated power gets automatically filled into the reading
  • With every additional parameter filled into the reading, the estimated power gets virtually better
  • Knowing all the engine-internal processes exactly allows Tekomar to determine the effective engine power computationally based on engine performance indications

Using Tekomar XPERT means measuring power without the need of a torsiometer, same as it means to identify fuel oil consumption saving potential without measuring the consumption itself.