Smart solution

No fuel waste for performance runs

Tekomar XPERT compares deviations from reference and therefore performance runs can be done at virtually any (service-) load. That is also why you can compare the entire fleet with any engine at any load. No load change required. Take a look at the solution.

Overall, this is one of our benefits of using Tekomar XPERT: Put backoffice and shore engineers in a close cooperation to look after engines conditions and performances.
Stéphane Boyer, Senior Engineer, Efficiency & Technology Dept. CMA CGM Gruop
Latest Update

Flagship features: improved 4-Stroke engine evaluation and automatic missing value preset

Update 2017 brings stunning new features into engine performance diagnostics software Tekomar XPERT. Read more about it.

Hull & Propeller

Getting a grip on ship performance

With the indicated potential fuel oil savings Tekomar XPERT for Hull & Propeller evaluates the condition of the ship's hull and propeller. This helps you to decide when to do the cleaning, to bring your vessel back to optimum performance.

Read more about Tekomar XPERT for Hull & Propeller.


Ferry operators see benefit in ABB Ability ™ Tekomar XPERT

Two French ferry operators are piloting a first vessel with Tekomar XPERT to evaluate the value of engine performance analytics and advisory on their four stroke driven mechanical and diesel electric ferries.

Advantage in information

Your entire fleet at a glance

Start the day with an overview on the condition of your fleet. Easily drill down into the engines that potentially cause trouble or are away from optimal operation. Within a few mouse clicks you are at the point of interest for evaluation and advice for improvement.


ABB Ability ™ Tekomar XPERT to set foot to US

Matson Inc and V Ship Boston have equiped one vessel each with Tekomar XPERT engine performance diagnostics and advisory software.

Approved Solution

More than 1000 vessels rely on Tekomar XPERT. How about yours?

More than 1000 vessels all over the world benefit from Tekomar XPERT.

Get to know our performance evaluation software at a glance.

Performance Evaluation Software

Evaluating engine performance effortlessly

Tekomar XPERT is the only digital assistant to tell you not only how much but also where fuel oil savings can be achieved. And it instantly lets you know how to achieve these savings.

Performance Evaluation Software

Tekomar XPERT – Filling the gap in the SEEMP initiative

Tekomar XPERT contributes to the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) initiative for monitoring, implementing improvements and reporting efficiency. This expert system fills the gap by transparently giving improvement advice for engines and the entire propulsion system without creating extra work for the crew.

Linking your data

Connects with virtually everything

Tekomar XPERT has interfaces to easily import raw data as well as export analised performance indicator to just about everything that is on the market. Why not ask for your offer? Get in contact with us, now.


Major shipping companies use Tekomar XPERT

During the last year, Tekomar has successfully expanded the client base for its unique Tekomar XPERT software.

Various major shipping companies have decided to implement the performance evaluation software in order to optimise fuel oil consumption and quantify potentials on both engine and hull & propeller.

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